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General data (as of January the 1, 2020):

  • Established: 1997
  • Staff: 70
  • 6 representative offices; vast dealer network 
  • Headquarter: 070002 Ust-Kamenogorsk, 12/2 Krasina st. e-mail
  • Director: Alexey PUSS
  • licenses


1. Radiology

  •  XRay units from GMM (Italy), Wandong (China), mobile XRays by Intermedical (Italy), Ecoray (Korea)
  •  XRay consumables, CR systems and laser printers from Carestreаm Health (USA)

2. Laboratory

  • Hemostasis: Techologiya Standard's reagents (Russia)
  • Clinical biochemistry:  reagents by PZ Cormay (Poland), Erba Lachema (Czech Republic)
  • Hematology: reagents by PZ Cormay (Poland) for different types of analyzers
  • Urine analyzers and strips by  Audit Diagnostix (Irland), strips PHAN by Erba Lachema (Czech Republic)
  • Biochemistry, hematologic, ESR analyzers, coagulometer from Italy, Swaziland, Ireland
  • Labware and consumables
  • Analyzer reagent adaptations
  • Up-to-date laboratory analysis methods training

3. Disinfection and cleaning

  • Lysoform (Switzerland)
  • Givas (Bulgaria)
  • Vermop (Germany)

4.  Service  

  • Live long service for equipment that bought from Alians or its dealers
  • Free of charge consultations for choosing of proper model and onfiguration of medical equipment
  • Service team: 14 engineers and technicians equipped with all necessary devices and tools for installation, adjusting and verification.
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